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Durng the summer months we have usually had a traditional Sunday Evensong at 6:30pm, in the Choir. A small, intimate setting for quiet, peaceful contemplation. It follows the traditional sung-service pattern of 3 hymns; the chanted Psalm, Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis, intoned Canticles, and collective prayers.
For this month’s schedule of services, please refer to the sheet displayed on the opening page of this web (Index) - which is downloadable.

October Services

During this month we remain in the period of the church year known as TRINITY
ADVENT Advent Sunday Advent 2 Advent 3 (Gaudate Sunday) Advent 4
CHRISTMAS Christmas Day Christmas 1 EPIPHANY Epiphany Sunday Baptism of Christ Epiphany 2 Epiphany 3 Presentation of Christ
Ordinary Time 2 nd Sunday before Lent Last Sunday before Lent
LENT 1 st Sunday in Lent 2 nd Sunday in Lent 3 rd Sunday in Lent 4 th Sunday in Lent Passion Sunday
HOLY WEEK Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Day
1st Sunday in Easter White or Gold 2nd Sunday in Easter 3rd Sunday in Easter 4th Sunday in Easter 5th Sunday in Easter 6th Sunday in Easter Ascension Day
Whitsunday Red Pentecost
Trinity Sunday White or Gold
Sundays of Trinity Green
1st Sunday before Advent Red
All Saints' Day White or Gold
All Souls' Day Purple
Remembrance Sunday Red
Requiem Mass Black
“There are four main types of worship that Christians can engage in: Liturgical worship Non-liturgical worship Informal worship Private worship” GCSE ‘Practices in Christianity’ Our Worship 4 All services try to be a friendly involvement for all in a more informal manner - which still retains all the essential elements. They are on the first Sunday each month (and on the third Sunday - in the three churches in rotation). Hymns can be of all types and styles, including ‘Worship Songs’ and more contemporary material - children are encouraged to chose what we do and to lead those elements. The supporting music can be provided by mixed ensembles, by ‘backing tracks’ or might feature a recording.
The times and ceremonies of the Church of England run from Advent Sunday through to ‘Christ, the King’ Sunday, a year later.
Sunday Worship. Having looked at the latest guidance from the C of E, we have decided to move forward cautiously, still ensuring our places of worship feel safe for everyone. If attending church you will no longer need to book in advance. We ask that you still wear a mask, and that you still sanitise your hands on entrance and departure. When finding somewhere to sit, please acknowledge that not everyone will want to sit closely together and leave a sensible space between yourself and other people. We are now allowed to sing, but please still wear a mask. Holy Communion will still be in one kind for the time being and will be taken to you in your seat. Please notify us if you wish to be seated socially distanced or if you are clinically vulnerable. Please stay at home if you are unwell. We hope you will help us to make our churches a safe environment for all. August 2021
St. Leonard is currently hosting two celebrations of Holy Communion on Sunday mornings_ the second and fourth Sundays each month - 10:30am, where we have re-introduced the congregational singing of hymns. Communion is distributed to the people by the priest and servers bringing the Bread Sacrament to those sitting in the pews (in one kind). There is a celebration of Spoken Communion _ on the FIRST and THIRD Wednesdays of the month - 10:30am.
St. Leonard
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October Services

During this month we remain in the period of the church year known as TRINITY