St. Leonard, Clent
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Parish Contact: From 1st February 2021 Christine Thomas & Chrissy Roberts Sue Priest at Church Office, at Parish Office, St. Saviour. 19, Church Road, Belbroughton. DY9 9TE 1, Park Rd, Hagley, Stourbridge. DY9 0NS Tel: 01562 730 777 01562 886 363 Email: ___________________________________________________________ Ministry team: Revd Richard Newton 01562 882 442 Clent, Hagley (rural), Hagley (town) Revd Kim Topham 07952 162 373 Curate for the Clent & Hagley parishes Revd Canon Sue Oliver 01562 701 076 Blakedown, Churchill, Broome, Belbroughton, Fairfield Lay Ministry team: Readers, LLMs & ALMs: Alison Lewis LLM 1 01562 731 873 Rosie Padmore ALM 2 07931 216 656 Pauline Jones 0121 453 7785 Gerald Dyer 01562 700 748 Andy Hewines 07824 662 344 Church Wardens: Miss Rosemarie Buchan 01562 700 539 Contact regarding this web:- _________________________________________________________ Lay ministry is a term used for ministers of faith, who have not been ordained. LLM 1 is a Licensed Lay Minister - trained in theology, pastoral work and a variety of ministerial skills, with a key role to help people think with clarity and imagination about God's presence and activity in the world ALM 2 is an Authorised Lay Minister - who has trained on a one year course with specialist modules in parish work. Ordained ministry, licensed lay ministry and authorised lay ministry all work together to support the shared witness and service of those who are called into Christ’s fellowship. _________________________________________________________ Contact regarding this web:-
WEEKLY VIRTUAL GATHERING Rosie will be hosting a weekly relaxed ‘caring and sharing’ Zoom session giving an opportunity for people to pop in for a chat, share thoughts and connect with others. All are welcome. The first gathering will take place on Saturday 16th January at 10.30am. We’re not sure how it will work but if you would like to give it a try, ask Rosie for the link. 07931 216656 Issue 1: Clent Connect newsletter
Rev. Kim’s Newletter and, “No”, its not the ‘Kim’ from Korea ! Clent’s Curate pens an explanation of all that’s happening at St. Leonard during this Covid-crisis - and how we will get back-on-track when it’s all over. And it’s got “Good News” in it . which we all need during these times. Issue 1: ‘Good News’ newsletter